Sakela has finished its initial formal journalism training.

Soni Sampang Rai
sakela Rural Municipality Ashad-23, Sakela organised a fundamental journalism course that lasted for 5 continuous days and ended on Friday, Ashad-22. In order to uphold the citizen’s rightful law, Sakela performed the journalism programme. In the twenty-first century, using social media sources for collective information is a human right.
Mr. Durga Rai presided over the training program’s conclusion, which was overseen by Sakela Representatives Mayor Mr. Rabi Prakash Rai, Vice President Ms. Brisika Rai, and Administrative Officer Mr. Mahesh Rai. There were 14 participants in total, representing 5 different Sakela wards, at the training They received training from Temke Khabar and Kirat Koshi Khabar’s chief editors, Bhim Rai and Ujur Rai. The following programme had Mayor Mr. Rabi Prakash Rai as the principal guest, Officer Mr. Mahesh Rai as the president, and Ms. Brisika Rai as a special guest.
In his brief remarks for the programme, Mayor Mr. Rai stated that in the modern era, local residents are more reliable sources of information than the governor himself. He also emphasised the significance of those who gather and store information globally, and he gave participants advice on how to utilize the training they received from individuals. According to Mr. Rai, journalists are thought as the fourth important sense of the nation, so in order to develop the Rural Municipality, the journalist holds a power to connect the public with the Government of Sakela. This inspired journalism trainees to make better use of the media and their newly acquired skills. He briefly discussed all the events and activities that take place in and around Sakela and that will be made public via news reports in order to give participants a platform to make full use of the training and earn compensation for themselves.
The distinguished guest, Ms. Brisika Rai, thanked everyone for their dedication to the training and the trainer for their instructions. She emphasised the value of journalism in today’s society and expressed excitement about the introduction of a source of citizen communication for the benefit of growth. Mr. Mahesh Rai, the administrative officer, expressed that the programme was a great success and wished for all participants to be true journalists and use the pen in the right lawful way. As a result, at the program’s conclusion, participants were given journalism certificates as recognition for attending Sakela Basic Journalism Training, and the programme was successfully completed.

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