Khidima Dhade society declared as First Nutritional Friendly area.

Soni rai Sampang
Sakela-3 khidima Dhade Ashad-22, According to the nutritional friendly health association Nepal law On friday 22nd of Ashad Sakela-3 Khidima Dhade society is declared as first ever nutrition friendly area and has set an example for all the society among all the society of Khotang District.

the program was conducted by the co-ordinator of nutrition branch Mr Nabin Rai with the help of Ward-3 president Mr.Govinda Tamang. Mayor of Sakela Mr. Rabi Prakash Rai was invited as the chief guest, the Vice president Ms Brisika Rai and the administrative officer of sakela Mr Mahesh Rai were invited as the special guest along with other guest related to the particular workspace.

Mayor declared his overwelmed joy by highlighting the key importance of the conducted program in the vision of development. he said ” inorder to make a vast and remarkable change in the society an honest and healthy person must be born to join the team for the sustainable development” The Mayor specifically gave credit to the whole Dhade society for being first ever nutrition freindly area among 39 other neighbourhood. as the saying goes “a healthy mind and soul makes the environment and society simultaniously healthy”so, inorder to maintain the sustainability of the nutritious health for a long term development a society must be healthy which would make the country heathy, he has encouraged the society for further more progress.

program conductor has mentioned the Society development Committee President Mrs. Pyarimaya Tamang including all the other members of the committee for their incredible work towards Nutritious Health of the society. the special guest Ms Brisika Rai has shown a gratitude towards the committee for meeting 74 out of 76 suggestion topics of Nutritional Friendly Association Nepal. the remaining two suggestion topics were CHAUPADI and KAMALARI pratha which were excluded from the context of Khotang district as they do not exist in this district. She has mentioned her heartwarming gratitude towards the society and the committee for their leadership quality. Even the administrative officer Mr Mahesh Rai has immensely suggested to be thankful towards the respective committee, ward and the political leaders for the work which resulted in Dhade being First Friendly area. he expressed his appretciation and wished for more growth in the society.

According to the Nepal Government inorder to create a nutrition friendly area in respective district there are altogether 76 different suggestive topics which is created by 7 other fundamentals. among the subjective fundamentals health portion holds 22, education holds 12, women and children holds 1 (i.e. Chaupadi and Kamalari) water supply and cleanliness holds 8, Agriculture holds 6, veterinarian holds 3 and society development holds 15 other different matters.
In Dhade Society there are altogether 32 houdeholds after analyzing every portion of infrastructures the motive of Nutritional Friendly Area was generated by the respective committe people their Perseverance towards work and destitution was recognized and were awarded to motivate their morals by the chief guest and special guests infront of the mass population of Dhade. According to the suggestive matters Mrs Purnakala Tamang held first position, Mrs Lapsang Tamag held second position and Mrs Purnamaya Pariyar held third position respectively.

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